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susurrus n : the indistinct sound of people whispering [syn: susurration]

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Onomatopoeic; from susurrus, hum, whisper; likely from an older echoic word.


  1. A whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.
    Rustling petticoats, the presence of which may be advertised only by a susurrus.

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Whisper may refer to:
In fiction:
  • Whisper (Fable), fictitious character in the popular Fantasy RPG Fable
  • Whisper, a character created by Ian Fleming in the James Bond novel and film Live and Let Die
  • Whisper (film), a 2007 horror film
In music:
  • "Whisper" (song), song by Evanescence on their debut album, Fallen
  • Whisper, a song by Morphine from their 1995 album Yes
  • Whisper (Band) A Melodic Rock & Metal band based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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